Nov 21, 2010

Tip : "ANNOTATION" a simple introduction

It is easy to control the text size , Dimension size and Blocks if you are aware of ANNOTATION,
narrated below is the procedure,

1.  Create an annotative text style , the normal text size is 2.5
    (please see the image below)

2.  Set your drawing in Layout space in proper scale and change your annotation scale to the same value of your VPscale before you place the text (please double click inside your Viewport to activate)
     (please see the image below)

3.  Then switch to Model space  and change the annotation scale to the same value as your VPscale, (please see the image below) and now you can place dimension, text or annotative blocks.

4.   You can check the properties of your text Annotation scale is 10:1, Paper text height is 2.5 (that is the actual size of your text) and Model text height is 0.25 (this calculation is did by autocad so we can ignore the calculation ( 2.5 X 100 / 1000 =0.25) )   (VP scale 10:1 = 1:100 (Scale in A1) ) (please see the image below)

For more details about Annotation Click Here....

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