Sep 29, 2012

Tip : Link Excel to AutoCAD Table

Method : 1 (Link Excel to an empty table) 
  • Open Excel file and check start and end cell number which you wish to Link
  • In AutoCAD type command  “TABLE” or from drop down menu “Draw -> Table”
  • “Insert Table” window will pop up
  • Select Insert option “Start from empty table”
  • Pick a point on your screen to insert table
  • Now click on the first cell of the table ribbon bar and click “DATA” button, then select “Link cell”
  • From “Select a Data Link” window, click on “Create a new Excel Data Link”  
  • Enter a new name
  • Then browse the excel file
  • If you don’t want to Link the entire sheet then click on “Link to Range”
  • Enter Start and end of the excel cell number (eg.  A1:B9)
  • Click “OK” 

Method : 2 (Insert table from a Data Link) 
  • Insert “TABLE”
  • Select Insert option “From data Link”
  • Then browse the excel file
  • If you don’t want to Link the entire sheet ,then click on “Link to Range”
  • Enter Start and end of the excel cell number (eg.  A1:B9)
  • Click “OK” 

Method : 3 (Paste Special Paste Link) 
  • Open Excel file and select cells ,copy to clip board
  • Switch to AutoCAD, from “EDIT” drop down menu Select “PASTE SPECIAL”
  • Click on “PASTE LINK” and select “AUTOCAD ENTITIES”
  • Pick a point on your screen to insert table. 

Note : If you are not able to see the text ,Select table check properties (Cntr+1) , select cells and adjust the text height, cell width and cell height.

Update Link from Excel

Method : 1 (Update by icon) 
  • Click on any cell on table
  • From the table window click icon “Download from source” 

Method : 2 (Update by Right Click) 
  • Select table then “Right Click”
  • And select “ Update table Data Links” 

  • Select any Cell then “Right Click”
  • Click on “Data Links”
  • From the  sub menu  you can choose
  • “Download Changes form Source File” It will Update the Table contents according to Excel file.
  • “Upload User Changes to Source File”  Can Edit table contents and Update your Excel file from autocad
  • “Edit data Links”  Can edit Cell range (eg. A1:H17 to A1:K20 )
  • “Open Data Link File..” Can Open Linked Excel File form Autocad.
  • “Detach Data Link”   Can detach the table from the Link.  
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  1. Have you tried to use the FIELD command with this Excel data link, tied to a dimension - to drive geometry?

  2. How would you do that with an SCR script ?
    I also want to detach the Excel file afterwards, which implies the data will become static.

  3. when i want to detach the excel file, iam not getting “Detach Data Link” or any other options when i right click on the cell. pl explain

  4. yes there is a way u can break the link. go to file menu, edit, ole link, just break the link. then u can detach the file

  5. After I link the table to AutoCad the text won't print correctly (mostly with the I's, and 1's). What is the correct text to transfer to AutoCad?

    1. I have same experience before. After i change text style in excel to "system". i gonna by ok.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. my Excel file keeps nulinking from my autocad file. why?

  8. Hi why we can't use a cad lsp for this function so please help me put lsp please

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