Jun 12, 2012

Lisp : Set Datum

    A datum is a reference point or axis on an object against which measurements are made. Horizontal datum’s are used for describing a point in easting and northing coordinates and vertical datum in station and elevation.

    The Set Datum Lisp helps to set datum points in your drawing. Suppose you have a layout plan which  is not to coordinate and you know at least one coordinate point of that drawing ,you can set that coordinate to the same point or if you have a profile you can set datum point of station and elevation.(ie a point of a known x-axis and y-axis).

  • Download SET DATUM.lsp Click here...
  • Load SET DATUM lisp file
  • Set datum origin, Command “ DAT
                     a. Enter Eastward Coordinate or Station datum
                     b. Enter Northward Coordinate or Elevation datum
                     c. Pick datum origin point.
  • Set datum origin back to UCS world, Command “ UW
  1. Rotated Objects will not give accurate coordinate, If you are  changing datum point please check atleast two coordinate.
  2. If you are changing datum coordinate, reset UCS to world before you close. 

Similer Microstation Key-in is “GO=000,000”


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  3. How set Rotated Objects datum coordinate, i have two point coordinate, how to set this coordinate in normal drawing, i dont want to rotated my drawing evey time to gice coordinate for site people, please help me out this two point set coordinate.
    If you are changing datum coordinate, reset UCS to world before you close.

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