May 30, 2012

Lisp : Import Coordinates

   Import Points Lisp helps you to import points from a TXT file and  It will create a coordinate table according to the coordinate points imported to the drawing.

Steps to run lisp :
  • Download Import Points Lisp Click here...
  • Download Import Points (Annotative) Click here...
  • Load Import Points.
  • Type Command “IMPO” to import Points.
  • Select the TXT file which have the point and coordinate values.

Steps to create point numbered TXT file
  • Create coordinate points in Microsoft Excel in the format of First column (point number) Second column (Easting coordinate) Third column(Northing coordinate).
  • Select the 3 columns and paste to the notepad (it is tab separated format so no need to put comma “,” between the lines).
  • Eg.  01   00000.000   00000.000
  • Download TXT file sample Click here...

Steps to create point named TXT file :
  • The format of first column should contain “ “ (“Name and number”) Second column (Easting coordinate) Third column(Northing coordinate).
  • Select the 3 columns and paste to the notepad .
  • Eg.  “Points-01”   00000.000   00000.000
  • Download TXT file sample Click here.

Steps to create Table :

  • After importing coordinate points type command “CRT” to create Table.
  • Type “A” to select all Points.
  • Once  the points are selected you will be automatically directed to the paper space where you will be prompted to pick a start point to place the table. The table with all coordinates and point names will be placed in an ascending order.


  • It will create new test style “Gen-text”.
  • It will create an attribute block “CRBLK”.
  • It will Place Points in new layer “Coordinate Points”.
  • It will place Table in new layer “Coordinate Table”.
  • It will automatically change “UCS to World” and back to “previous”.
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  1. Hello Bijoy,

    Very useful .LISP
    THanks for sharing. It's just a pity it cannot import the Height coordinate also.


    Luis Pombo (

  2. Thank you for this post. How can I get the data to be put into the exact coordinate I specify, without the circle being there?

    1. To be more specific, I want the text to be located exactly where my coordinates are, and for only the test in column 1 to be displayed, without the marking circle. Thanks, Brendan.

    2. just open the block that it inserts in the block editor. move the text to the center and erase the circle

  3. Hello, nice work, you can also enter the Z coordinate?
    One other thing, I had to change the commands with _ to make it work on my language version.
    Thanks! Gianluca

  4. Hi friend help me how i can select all the points.with numbers for excel sheet

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