Nov 2, 2010

Tip : 2D Drawings from your 3D Models

The FLATSHOT command creates a 2D block object of any view that includes 3D solid objects. There are a number of options including show/hide obscured lines and independent control over the colour and linetype of foreground and obscured lines. Flatshot works by projecting the lines of your current view, not UCS, onto a plane. This is a little more versatile than Flatten and doesn't seem to skew the dimension of the object, which Flatten is notorious for. It also has the advantage of leaving the original object as is. The only downside is that it seems to have problems with perspective views. Parallel projection views work perfectly.


  1. 2D content can also be created using....

    1. SectionPlane
    2. SolView/SolDraw
    3. SolProf
    4. ViewBase (must have AutoCAD 2012 or higher)