Dec 19, 2010

Lisp : Create Distribution bars

Distn-bars Lisp is used  to create Distribution bars in drawing with equal spacing. It will create new block “T16” and be placed in a new layer “Rft dstn bars” .The selected reference object will be placed under   “defpoints”.   
What you need to do that, select object and specify the distance between bars, default value is “0.15” (meters) 

Steps :
  1. Download Distn-bars.lsp Click here...
  2. Load Distn-bars.lsp
  3. Command : DB
  4. Specify the distance between bars
  5. Then select the objects, the result is that the distribution bars will place automatically with an equal mentioned distance. 

Specifications :
  1.  New layer  : Rft dstn bars
  2.  New Block : T16


  1. Hi, Bijoy, I wanted to have a lisp which will link beaam numbers to the dimension text and copy to csv or txt file for further processing...thanks Sreedharan Menon

  2. I want a lisp for make car numbering within a circle and only number. I get that from incremental number lisp. But now I want this no in a link also. so, if I delete a car parking, then automatically all nos will reset with this. Like, if i delete 6no. car parking, then next 7no car parking will be 6 and more on. as well as if I add a car parking then rest off all will be change accordingly.