Jan 9, 2011

Lisp : North Direction

North Direction Lisp program help you to place North Direction Block in proper scale and layer.

Steps :
  •  Download NEWS.lsp  Click here...
  •  Load lisp file and Add to startup suite
  •  Type Command NEWS
  •  Enter Drawing scale
  •  Pick Block Insertion point.
Advantages :
  • The Inserted North will be a block, and will place under the new layer “North”
  • The block will not allow exploding
  • Wipeout used in the block
  • It will change UCS to world and after placing block it change UCS back to previous
Command : NEWS

Note : “Wipeout frame OFF” command used  to avoid overlapping of wipeout frame, for those who are using “wipeout frame” please ON it after running this lisp.         

Tip : Add tangent circle lisp to “Startup Suite” it will helps to load lisp Automatically

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