Mar 20, 2011

LT : Barrier & Cones Line Type for Microstaion

  • Download Barrier & Cones.rsc click here...
  • Copy to your folder
  • Add This path to your symbology, to add go to Workspace > Configuration

  • Now you will get a configuration dialogue box

  • Click on the Symbology, then click on the Select button
  • Navigate to the Barrier & Cones.rsc to add path

Now, you will be able to see the Line type Barrier and Cones in your Attribute Tab, if not please close microstation and re open it

Draw with barrier line type

or Offset 0.075m from shoulder line (i.e. barrier width is 0.15m (150mm), If you offset 0.075 from shoulder line you will get barriers are inside the road shoulder line)
Change line type to barrier.
Please make lines as complex chain to avoid breaks between barriers.

Change Line Type Scale
It is possible to change the line type scale by line style editor
Select the Barrier or Cones line type

Change the scale factor according to your convenience

Click on the preview to activate.

Note : When we are sending this file to another location, there may not have Barrier & Cones.rsc, the line type will lose its definition. So please drop line style using

Drop linestyle command will explode the line type to separate elements, for more quality you can add these objects to Graphic group.

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  1. Wow, I was not aware that a mixed colour linestyle could be created!. Amazing!