Jul 10, 2011

Tip : Missing Annotation Error

        While using scale 1:750, 1:300 or 1:150 etc there is a possibility to get a "missing annotation error", if your annoallvisible value is0 .

It occurs when the system gets confused with the Annotation scale fractions in reference files or in current files.

When we use "zoom xp" method to set viewport you will get vpscales 1.333:1, 3.333:1 or 6.666:1 etc.
To avoid this, instead of using 1.333:1, 3.333:1 or 6.666:1, make custom scale 1:750, 1:300, 1:150 etc.

  • For that Click your Annotation pull up menu

  • Click "custom.."

  • In the :"Edit Scale" Text window click "Add.."

  • Add scale name "1:750", paper unit set to “1” and drawing unit0.75”  if your units are in “metre”.   ( If it is in millimetre the drawing units should be multiplied by 1000. eg. If 1 metre represented by 1000mm and the dwg. scale you are going to preoduce is in 1:750 scale, then the paper units should remain as same ie. 1 and the drawing unit must be 750) 

  • Select Annotation scale "1:750"
  • If you are using annotations from the xref's please add the same annotation scale to that objects in reference.

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