Dec 13, 2011

Blk : Auto Coordinates

Auto Coordinate Dynamic Block is used to label coordinates automatically in the drawing instead of using any lisp.
The attribute fields get the eastward and northward values, The dynamic properties of the block make it flexible and can adjust the size by Annotative scale. 

  • Download Autocrds.dwg click here..
  • Copy and paste block to the drawing file.
  • Insert block to the points
  • Select grip and drag to move the text location
  • Click arrow to flip the text
  • Then type command RE to “regen” the drawing.

  • To modify decimal points change UNITS precision, (this is using to change the decimal according to convenience)

    • The fields will get only the values in “UCS WORLD
    • If UCS is rotated or moved, it will not affect, only the exact values are shown.
    • If stretch or move any part of the drawing along with block it will be updated automatically.
    • If not type RE to regen.

    • The error showing “E #### N ####” is occurs when the block is already present in the drawing. Check Insert block command if it is already loaded, Instead of using paste command (Cntr+v) use insert command to insert block or use autocad “COPY command”.

    • If blocks is not aligned properly

    • Run “ATTSYNC” command to update.

    • If field are not updating on regen set the "FIELDEVAL" variable value to "31"

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    1. Hi,
      This is great, some edits I thought that made it even more versitile:
      1. add a point number attribute
      2. place on 3 separate layers (point label, EN label & point) so flexible to turn on/off in future.
      3. also now you can data extract to table itemised!

    2. any way how to remove the background mask?

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    5. Do you have a version that includes a Z value?