Apr 15, 2013

Lisp : Kerb line

           Kerb Line lisp helps you to create indicative kerb markings for road layout plan to add more pleasing look to your drawings, in proper layers.

How to use :
  • Save as the Main plan to a new file
  • Delete all contents except the  road edge line
  • Pedit all lines and arcs  to convert to polyline 
Download Kerb line lisp click here
  • Load “KERB LINE” lisp
  • Type Command : PP

 For pedit command
  • Type Command : KB
  • Specify Kerb Width
  • Select polyline
  • Specify point on side to offset

  • New layer : Kerb
  • Line type Generation : Enabled

Tip : Add Kerbline lisp to “Startup Suite” it will helps to load lisp Automatically