May 17, 2013

Blk : Viewport linked Scale bar Template

    In Cadlispandtips template, added is a viewport linked scale bar block which automatically updates its value according to the viewport scale. It is a sample template you can modify according to your convenience

download cadlispandtips template click here

  • Open file
  • Use this as the base file and attach references into it (in model space).
  • In paper space adjust the viewport with the required scale  
  • Regenerate layout two times.
  • U can see that the scale has been automatically updated.
  • It’s a good template for users who always have doubt about the scale used.

  • Units : meter
  • Block name : Scale bar
  • Layers : Z_Scale bar, Z_Vport

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  1. Nice lisp. Is there one available in Imperial scale?

  2. Nice Lisp files, sorry to hear you work for Parsons me personally I can't say anything nice about them.