Apr 29, 2015

Blk : Vasthu Grid (Paramasaayika)

Paramasaayika Grid, (nine square modules.)

Download Vasthu Grid

How to Use:
Copy vasthu grid block to drawing, set block origin point to corner of your plan according to north direction shows in grid.

Stretch with bottom right grip to fit grid

To change grids click on top left visibility grip and select desired grid.

If your plan is not square can scale vertically with properties Y scale value.

To know the exact scale value please use below formula

Length / width = Y scale value
(Eg. Length =12 and  width =10,   12/10=1.2 ) 
Select Block and in properties change y scale Value to 1.2.

Note: visibility grip will not be visible if we change Y scale value, so please change Y scale value to 1 and change grid, then again change back to new y scale value.

Types of Grids:

Vasthu Purusha
Vasthu Grid
Vasthu Gods Grid
Vasthu for Plot
Compound wall Gate
Plan Shape
Veethy Shoola
Marma Points
Main door Location