Nov 15, 2015

Blk : MTO Friendly Column & Footing Block

To get the quantities of items, we use data extraction tool. But we all know that it’s not possible to get volume from a 2D drawing. So Column and Footing block along with the data extraction tool makes it possible. Column and Footing is basically attributes blocks with field and formulas and it can be easily “saved as”  to create a new  size foundation and column block. With the AutoCAD data extraction tool (no need any VBA application or other software). It is able to extract volume and reinforcement details per column and footing and can be exported to excel format.  To get the total volumes you need to add the “multiply” formula in excel (e.g. count X Volume).

Attached are file samples showing the possibilities of data extraction tool. I prefer all discipline to take a little care while creating blocks, attributes, dynamic and layers as it will save a lot of time for MTO and will bring in more quality in the hard and soft copy.

Extracted Excel Format:

Things to be kept in mind while Editing Block: 
  1. Save block as a new name (e.g. F_1.00X1.00).
  2. Modify object  (You need to stretch or scale the rectangle according to the new Size).
  3. Do not change “Red” Colored Attributes.
  4. Edit Yellow Colored Attributes “Value” (it normally contains values for calculation).
  5. Edit Cyan Colored Attributes “TAG” (Tag will show as title in extracted excel file (e.g. Type, Length etc.). In this field do not edit attribute value because formulas are linked to other attributes)  

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