Apr 14, 2016

Tip : Wipeout Frame Selection

If someone is facing problem in selection while wipeout frame is OFF and wipeout is getting selected, make variable FRAMESELECTION “0”. This variable Controls whether the hidden frame of an image, underlay, clipped Xref, clipped point cloud, or wipeout can be selected.

"0"  (Hidden frames cannot be selected.)

"1"  (Hidden frames can be selected.)

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  2. It is set to 0 by default in all examples, but can be changed for your particular instance. The program does not allow you to change the setting after it has selected a frame of an image or wipeout because there was a potential problem preventing the selection at that time. Once prevented from starting (for example, if memory runs out), frames remain hidden and cannot be shown again until restarted with explicit 'C-c C-a ' interaction.

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