Oct 8, 2016

North Facing Vasthu Compliant Home Plan

North facing house plan with 4 bedrooms (2 at ground floor and 2 on first floor) three of them with attached bath. L shaped verandah at the north east corner helps to let in maximum light in the morning. The dining room has an opening to an external area which has the scope of being converted into a private garden. The partition between living and dining has be kept partially open with the intention of providing a scope for a contemporary partitioning. A recreational area is provided at the first floor with an access to the balcony and a see below to the dining area in the ground floor. The design is done with the intention of allowing maximum light and air circulation to the rooms. Elevation is not provided with this plans as it can be done as per clients tastes(whether contemporary, colonial or traditional).Even thought this plan is not fully vasthu compliant major factors of vasthu has been taken into account.

Click here to download
Click Here to download CAD file


  1. Bijoy, its really beautiful.. I have a doubt, can we put furniture where the marma point is coming? I mean, if I want to change the TV unit in the Living room to the right side of the wall, there showing a marma point showing.

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  4. Ah, it looks lovely. Will you allow us to see the interior design visualization? I imagine it very light with a bit of country vibe. And verandah.. oh, having a perfect verandah is my dream, can I have a DissertationCapital office on verandah please?