Jan 19, 2011

MS Tip : Live Nested Self Reference

Live Nested Self Reference is usually used to blow up a Detail of a drawing. This style of work give more accuracy in the drawing  because this method didn’t copy the portion that need to blow up, and the reference files also visible in that area. If make any changes in that drawing, it will reflect automatically in the detail too.

  • Set drawing..
  • Attach self reference (KEY IN : RF= .DGN)
  • Scale , rotate self reference according to your convenience
  • Change to LIVE NESTING

  • Then Clip self reference

The circular portion is nested self reference and used clip by element option.
just draw a red line over the object  that line also reflecting in the detail
So, there is no possibilities of errors in your detail.

Play with references:
Open reference manager you can see “+” sign on the hierarchy area 

Click on the “+” sign now you can see the same reference files repeating under the detail reference

Now it is possible to “ON” or “OFF” your reference display according to your convenience

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