Jan 19, 2011

MS Tip : Self Reference

In microstation using self reference to bring current drawing elements to front instead of using Update sequence.

In AutoCAD using Draw order command to change reference file sequence to front or back but microstation shows the reference file order according to the reference slot number if the update sequence is default.

In this case if the reference file contains opaque fill the active file elements should be hidden because in microstation considered active file slot number is “0”.

To overcome this issue using update sequence method to bring active file to front.

While using microstation self reference is good exercise because some files contains more reference files and changing by update sequence is confused by new person who try to modify that drawing.

Narrated below is a simple method to update sequence..

You can change reference slot number by simply click on the number and edit according your convenience (from V8 version)

Attach self reference file

or from reference manager > tools > attach > then show the path of the current drawing 

Description – " Self " and Logical –" sf "
Then change the slot number, it should be last number of reference (in order to avoid confusion the last number far away from original reference number, use number 30)

Turn off Snap and Locate from your self reference because the self reference is only using for display purpose only. 

Go to reference manager > Settings >  Update sequence > Deault

Save the drawing Ctrl+S and also don’t forget to save settings Ctrl+F because update sequence order will save only by using save settings.


In MicroStation V8i & V8 xm you have three options for display order

Element, Level and Reference files.

Within the Level Manager and Reference file manager right click on the columns and turn on Priority.

A level with the highest priority value displays in front, while a level with the lowest priority value displays in back. Reference and element priority values also affect the display.

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