Feb 1, 2011

LT : Batter Slope Line Type

  • Download Batter.rsc Click here 
  • Copy to your folder
  • Add This path to your symbology, to add go to Workspace > Configuration

  • Now you will get a configuration dialogue box

  • Click on the Symbology, then click on the Select button
  • Navigate to the Batter.rsc to add path

Now, you will be able to see the Line type Batter Slope Line and Batter Slope Line for Small Radius in your Attribute Tab, if not please close microstation and re open it.

Draw a line with Batter Slope Line or Batter Slope Line for Small Radius line type

When you draw an arc with small radius, can see a parallel line error

To avoid this error use line type Batter Slope Line for Small Radius

Change the Direction of Line
It is possible to change direction of line

To change the direction of line go to Tools > B-spline Curves > Modify Curves
Click the Change Element Direction Icon
KEY IN : Change Direction

Select Element to change direction

Change Line Type Scale
It is possible to change the line type scale by line style editor
Select the Batter Slope line type

Change the scale factor according to your convenience
Click on the preview to activate.

Note : When we are sending this file to another location, there may not have batter.rsc, the line type will lose its definition. So please drop line style using

Drop linestyle command will explode the line type to separate elements, for more quality you can add these objects to Graphic group.

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