Feb 2, 2011

Tip : Shift-Select to Extend

Extends the selected objects rather than trimming them. This option provides an easy method to switch between trimming and extending.

 Suppose a case arises in which we need to trim and extend objects.it is possible to do it by executing two separate commands ie "trim" and "extend'.Here we can do it in one go ie trim and extend with a single command (either trim or extend)...here is how it goes.......

  • Type "trim" (or extend) and select the line over which the objects needs to be trimmed (green line).

  • The red lines above the green line are trimmed and the next step required is to extend the yellow lines to the green line which can be done by clicking "SHIFT + the lines that needs to be extended " (without exiting the existing trim or extend command)

Thats it as simple as that............

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