Feb 2, 2011

MS Tip : Live Nested External Reference

Live nested external reference is used for layout drawings. If you are creating layout drawing cut sheets for an area use live nested external reference, it will give more quality and easy access to edit.

Usually in layout drawings, there is lots of reference attached and  we need to change  symbology and draw order of reference file In all drawings. So it is not sure each drawing will be in same manner, some times after creating drawings we need to do some changes it is not easy to do modification in all drawings.

Live nested external reference method will help you to save lot of time while creating and editing drawings, if you change any modification in Plan.dgn that modifications reflect in all your drawings.

Create Base File
  • Create a new drawing save it as “Plan.dgn
  • Attach references

  • Change symbology and draw order according to your convenience
  • Save
Create Cut Sheets
  • To create cut sheets instead of attaching all references attach only “Plan.dgnand change to LIVE NESTING.
  • Then scale and clip reference according to your convenience
  • Attach self reference and border.

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