May 4, 2011

Lisp : VP Scale bar

 "VP Scale Lisp" is a program designed to place Scale bar or Scale text to the sheet layout. It's an advanced version of Scale bar Lisp. It’s very easy, just select the Viewport and pick the location of the scale bar or scale text to be placed.

Steps :

  • Load Lisp file
  • Command : SB (for Half Length Scale bar)
  • Command : SBB (for Full Length Scale Bar)
  • Command : SCA (for Scale Text)
  • Select Viewport
  • Pick Scale Location
  • It will create new Layer  “Scale bar”  or “Text scale”
  • It will create Attribute Block “Scale-*”
Note :

         It will work only in Layout space and the units should be decimal Metres or decimal Millimetre.

Error Messages:
  • “Please switch to layout” – This occurs when you are in MODEL space.

  • “Only Decimal units accepted” – This occurs when the lisp command is used in the unit other than DECIMAL units.

  • “Only Metre or Millimetre units accepted” – This occurs when the lisp command is used in the unit other than METRE or MIllimetre units.

  • “The Selected Object is not a Viewport” – This occurs when the selected object is not a VIEWPORT.

Tip : Add tangent circle lisp to “Startup Suite” it will helps to load lisp Automatically

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  1. Great help as the other tools here.

    Thanks man!

  2. This would be nice if it also had a Ft and Inches (Engineer/Architectural) versions.
    I have one in MDL from Bill Steinbock for MicroStation that I cannot live without.

  3. Sir, i want the language of Lsp file or the font you use in Lsp file.

  4. I Couldnt download it please sent the link

  5. Please provide the download link....

  6. Dear Bijay
    the vp sacale text given for paper size A1 & A3, but what about A2 size, pl let me know.

  7. hi Bijoy, how are you..
    I have one request, can i get the command code of the VP Scale (Metre/Millimeter) Lisp.


  8. Very Helpful Lisp. I use it regularly.
    Download Free Lisp Files For Level Interpolation Slope and Grade from this ( website. I hope you would like it.