Apr 20, 2011

Tip : Tcount & Bcount

 (Autocad Express tools)

       “Tcount” command is used to add sequential numbering to text objects.

  •   Type command "TCOUNT"
  •   Select objects
  •   Sort selection set by (X,Y or Select-Order)
             X = the Numbers increasing by Left to Right.
             Y = the numbers increasing by Top to bottom.
             Select-Order = according to the order in which the text was selected.

  •  Specify Start number and increment (Start , Increment)
             Mention the Start number, and increment value                           
             i.e. If you type 1,2 (1 will be start number and 2 will be increment value)
             For decrement use “-“ sign
  • Placement of numbers in text (Overwrite, Prefix, Suffix, Find & replace)
             Overwrite = Replaces text with numbers.
             Prefix = Add number as a prefix text.
             Suffix = Add number as a suffix text.
             Find & replace = Replaces a user specified text with a number.

   “Bcount” command is used to count the number of blocks in your drawing.

  •   Type command "BCOUNT"
  •   Press Enter to Select all or select objects manually.

           In command line you can able to see the Block names and the total numbers of blocks used in that drawing.


  1. Increment 0 (Zero) ist not working...

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  3. sir, I doing electrical drafting and iam using lots of blocks in my layouts. Finaly iam making boq for all blocks using table format. Is there any option that when i increase/decrease the quantity of any block, it gets updated in the boq table. kindly clarify