Aug 1, 2011

MS Tip : Custom Button Assignments

  In order to increase the workflow in microstation you can assign key-ins to logical button. It work same like function keys but here we use mouse button instead of using key board button to activate a command.  

A brief description about Logical Button & Physical Button :

  Physical buttons on the input device are mapped to “logical” buttons, which send different types of graphical input to MicroStation. For example, the right mouse button is mapped to a logical button called the Reset button, which sends a type of input called Reset to MicroStation when pressed. So you need to be aware of your Logical and Physical buttons before you start to create custom buttons.


Steps :
  • For example now I am going to assign “PLACE FENCE” command to “Ctrl DATA” Button.
  • Before you start, make a backup of “default.btnmenu” file. 
  • Tick “Ctrl” icon, select Data button
  • Then enter Key-in “PLACE FENCE” in Action tab.

  • Press Enter, now you will be able to see the command is created in your list area.

  • Click “OK” to close Button Assignment dialogue box.

  • Now hold “Ctrl” key and press your Left mouse button ( if Logical “data” button is assigned to mouse Left button) microstation will activate Place Fence tool. In this way you may create as many tools to increase the workflow.

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