Sep 28, 2011

Lisp : Boreholes with Table

   Boreholes with Table Lisp help you while creating borehole location drawing , It will create a borehole table according to the boreholes locations placed in the drawing.

Steps :
  • Download Boreholes with Table Lisp Click here..
  • Download Boreholes with Table (Annotative) Click here...
  • Load Boreholes Lisp

  • Type CommandBN to place Increment Borehole numbers

  • If need to create some sub numbers, Type BSN to place Increment borehole sub numbers.

  • After placing boreholes type command BHT to create Table
  • TypeAto select all boreholes
  •  Enter borehole depth 
  •  Then Pick a point on your Layout to place table. This will automatically create a table with all Boreholes placed under the model space. The Boreholes table will automatically create the table with an ascending order. 
  • It will create new test style Gen-text
  • It will create an attribute block BHBLK
  • It will Place Points in new layer Borehole Locations
  • It will place Table in new layer Borehole Table
  • It will automatically change UCS to World and back to previous

Steps to Edit Boreholes loacations
  • If the borehole locations changed and need to edit some borehole coordinate value,
  • Move the boreholes to ne wlocations,
  • Type command “BHT” to create new edited borehole table 
  • Type “S” to select modified boreholes
  • Then Pick a point on your Layout to place new borehole table. This newly table will create only those coordinate values of the changed boreholes. 
  •  And replace the newly Boreholes table values with the existing values.
  • While using  “borehole sub numbers”, order of boreholes may not be in the ascending order, so adjust manually to make it in an ascending order. 

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  1. Hi. Very impressive. How do you get it to not show the instruction dialogue box on startup of CAD?