Sep 26, 2011

Lisp : Coordinates without UCS world

Easting and Northing lisp helps to place Eastward and Northward coordinate of a drawing with out changing the UCS to world.

When making settingout cut sheets it is not necessary to place north direction always up, some times need to rotate UCS.

In this case when place coordinates it will not be in parallel to that drawing, this Lisp helps  to place coordinates in user preferd UCS.
  • Download Easting & Northing without UCS world.lsp click here… 
  • Download Easting & Northing without UCS world.-v0.lsp click here… (Without Annotative Text Style)
  • Set viewport with proper scale
  • Make sure VP Scale and Annotative Scale should be same and locked From Layout space double click inside the viewport to go to the model space. (this lisp will create annotative leader and also automatically adjust the text size)
  •  Load Easting & Northing without UCS world. lisp file
  • Change UCS parallel to vewport. (to change UCS to View type Command “UV”)
  • Type Command EN (to place coordinate)
          Here, the UCS automatically changed to “WORLD”.
  • Pick Coordinate point to get the coordinates
          Here, the UCS automatically changed to previous view
  • Pick again that same point to place the first point of leader.
  • Pick up appropriate text Location to place coordinates


  • New Layer = Text Coordinate 
  • New Dimension Style = Dim Arrow Ann
  • New Text Style = Gen-Text 

(Annotative dimension style will help tto change the text size by changing Annotative scale value )

For more details about Annotation  Click here...

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