Jan 2, 2018

Blk : Road Signs Qatar Traffic Manual-2015

As you are aware no road drawings are complete without traffic sign drawings. Provided here are the road signs as per the Qatar Traffic Manual 2015 as dynamic blocks. These blocks have stretch and rotate parameters so that they can be easily arranged in the drawings .To make things easy description of each signs are provided and to access it just double click on the block, so that you don’t need to refer the manual each time.

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Other benefits of the block included are easy and fast quantity take offs. to get the quantity use the command data extractionquick select or you can use Lee mac's lisp dynamic block counter.

Description provided.

 Note:  If you need to place sign boards on each side of the road please copy the same block and stretch sign board exactly above that block. So it will look like 1 single board with 2 sign posts but in quantity calculation it will give 2 numbers, so you will get exact quantity.

Using “design center” will make things more comfortable.

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