Jun 5, 2020

Blk : Automated Attribute Scale bar Block

Scale bar is a requirement in any drawing. Normal way of providing a scale bar is copy and paste the bar from library depending on different scales. Today m going to show how to use a single scale bar for multiples scales.

Attribute Scale Bar Block reduces the usage of number scale bars to one. So no more searching of previous drawings for desired scale bar and it will save our time.

How to Use
  •       Copy and Paste Scale bar (Do not Insert block using Insert Command it will change the calculations given in the block.
  •     Double Click on the Block.

  •          Type Scale Value (eg. If Your scale is “1:2000” then type “2000”)
  •          Type Command “RE” to regenerate the drawing.

Quick Tip : Do not double click on the Attribute Value it will guide to the wrong location so please double click directly on the graphical portion of the scale bar.

To Download Scale Bar Block : Click here

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