Apr 5, 2011

Lisp : Scale Bar

         "Scale bar Lisp" is a program designed to place Scale bar to the sheet layout. It's very easy, just enter the proper scale of the drawing and pick the location of the scale bar where you want to place it.

Steps :
  • Download Scale bar Lisp Click here...
  • Load Lisp file
  • Command : SB (for Half length Scale bar)
  • Command : SBB (for Full Length Scale Bar)
  • Enter Horizontal drawing scale ( default value is "1000" )
  • Enter Vertical drawing scale ( default value is "0")
  • Pick scale bar Location

  • It will create new Layer  “Scale bar” 
  • It will create Attribute Block “Scale-*”

Note :
         If vertical Value is “0” Lisp will create normal scale bar

Tip : Add tangent circle lisp to “Startup Suite” it will helps to load lisp Automatically

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  1. Hi

    I have donloaded your scale bar and it worked great, but after useing it a number of times it now will not work.
    You can use it but it just enters the standard 1.1000 scale and you cannot set it to any other scale. I hope you can help.



  2. I´m using Civil 3d in Spanish and don´t work at all

  3. do have this bar scale in feet units instead? if not, do you have a tutorial on how to create one?


  4. Great routine
    You can adapt the routine to work in model space?

  5. What does this use to select the text height? I'd like to be able to change that and the height of the bars.

  6. Would you happen to have this Scale bar routine available in Feet?

    1. everblader,

      If you will email me sunny.e.alexander@gmail.com I have a scale bar I created that might work for you.

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