Oct 16, 2011

Tip : Select Text by Contents

    A drawing which contains various type of text and it is in single layer, It is not easy to select each type of text and change in to proper layer. In order to select each text in its layer use quick select method with text contents in Autocad. 

    The below image showing different text contents start with MH, TP & CH.
Wants to change all MH text to a new layer named Manhole, TP to Trail pit and CH to Chamber.

  • Right click on autocad screen, then select Quick Select
  • In the Quick Select dialogue box Select object type “Text
  • Properties “Contents
  • Operator “* Wildcard match
  • And Type Value “TP*
  • Then click “OK” as shown below
  • Now all text contain value TP are selected.
  • Add selected text to layer Manhole.
  • Repeat the same procedure for CH and MH.

 Now the text with TP is in the Layer Trail Pit , CH to Chamber and MH to Manhole.

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